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We will guide you step-by-step through what those admissions officers want to see. We will help you find your voice and tell your story. With our approach – you will write essays that are unique, written from the heart, and will stand out from the crowd. We will personally review your initial ideas, and will provide detailed feedback on your drafts. We will steer you where you need to go.

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We help you identify and choose the most effective essay topics. Our experts provide detailed and specific feedback on your drafts, leveraging our proven approach.

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Best of Both Worlds – watch video lectures and write your essays from the comfort of your home – on your schedule – but still get personalized coaching and feedback on your ideas and essays.
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ObiCoach Technology delivers Flexibility and a Reasonable Price

ObiCoach and Google technology power this workshop – so get detailed expert video instruction, ObiCoach guided chat, along with personal reviews of your ideas and essays.

ObiCoach Technology means Tremendous Flexibility

Work from home and fit to your schedule

Fits your Daily Schedule

Prefer to start first thing? Maybe you work better in the afternoon? Maybe you are only available in the evenings? With Obi Tech you can start and stop when you like. Completely free one day and want to get more done? No problem. Busy one day and want to squeeze more in tomorrow? With this workshop the choice is yours.

Work from Home

Most workshops require you to drive to and sit in a classroom for hours. With Obi Tech you can work where you are most comfortable – at home, at the library or with a friend. Use your computer or use your phone.

Scheduling Options - 7-day, 14-day or Weekend Workshops

Yes – it’s a workshop – so you start and finish and you are done! Choose a 7 day workshop if you want to spend 2 to 3 hrs a day and be done in a week. Choose the 14 day workshop if you need to spread the work out a little more. If you best focus on the weekend, choose a Weekend workshop.

Flex Essay Workshop FAQ’s

The reality is that admission to the many selective schools requires not only great grades, and test scores, but also outstanding essays. Let’s take UCLA as an example: they had 150,000 applications for about 6000 spots in last year’s class. At least 30,000 to 40,000 of those applying were academically qualified – had the grades and test scores to get in and succeed. So how do they determine who will get the invite? They spend 6-8 minutes per student reviewing the 4 submitted 350-word essays to determine the which students will be the best additions to next year’s incoming class. Those essays are the most important writing the students have done in their lives to date. It’s a very specific kind of writing – different than most writing students have been taught. An investment in this workshop is possibly the most important investment you can make in the college application process.
The Flex Essay workshop leverages video and Google Classroom to deliver an effective, convenient workshop you can do from home on your own schedule. We leverage a proven process developed over years of helping hundreds of students write outstanding essays through personal coaching and classroom-based workshops. We have captured the process along with the wisdom and insights to develop this home-based workshop. We provide step-by-step guidance along with tips and advice through videos and Google Classroom assignments. That is combined with personal review and feedback on your essay ideas and draft essays.
Woodside is working with ObiCoach to deliver a best-in-class essay approach. Each Woodside workshop starts with an in-person kickoff session on the high school campus. Each student is then assigned a personal essay coach who will review the student's ideas and essay drafts and provide the student with feedback over the weeks following the kickoff session. Thanks to the generous support of the Woodside High School Foundation, and this program initiated by the Fund-a-Need for elevating College and Career Readiness, Woodside students receive this workshop and personal coaching completely free of charge.
ObiCoach worked with experts in college admissions, in teaching and in helping student write outstanding essays through private coaching and through classroom-based workshops. Hundreds of students have been guided through this essay process with admission to a whole range of universities including the most selective. Over the years, we have developed a well tested and proven process that helps the students determine what to write, how to write it, and how to get it done.
Classroom-based workshops typically cost $1500 to $3000+ per student and are usually only available in the summer. Hiring a private coach typically costs $3000 to $5000+ and seldom do private coaches have the depth and breadth of experience when it comes to essay writing. Few can accurately claim to have successfully coached dozens much less hundreds of students, and few have a focused expertise on essay writing.
Good schools should be accessible to more than just the wealthiest families. By leveraging technology, everyone’s time can be used much more efficiently. Expert lecture content is captured by video and the step-by step direction is delivered in Google Classroom – so there is no need to use valuable coach time to deliver it again and again for each student. Instead, our coach's time is spent where the expertise is well-beyond most other private college coaches – on reviewing the draft essays and guiding the student where they need to go.
Sooner is better. Good essay writing takes multiple drafts and a larger investment of time than most expect. We advise getting your four UC essays and Common app essay done as soon as possible. These essays can often be tweaked or re-purposed for any of the other essays a student may later need.

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14 Day

Two Week Workshop

  • Work 1-2 hours a day
  • 11 ObiCoach Videos
  • Personal review and feedback
  • Finish 4 350-word UC application essays
  • 650-word Common App essay
  • $999
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Weekend Workshop

  • Work 3-4 hours a day over 3 weekends
  • 11 ObiCoach Videos
  • Personal review and feedback
  • Finish 4 350-word UC application essays
  • 650-word Common App essay
  • $999
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14 Day

Woodside High Workshop

  • 3 hour on-campus Kickoff
  • Work 1-2 hours a day
  • 11 ObiCoach Videos
  • Personal review and feedback
  • Finish 4 350-word UC application essays
  • 650-word Common App essay
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Students love specific guidance on what and how to write

and flexibility to get it done on their schedule.

I lead a busy life. Flexibility to work from home and on my schedule just makes sense for me.

Summarizing your whole life into a few short essays can be a scary prospect. ObiCoach can help.

It just feels so good to be DONE with my UC application and my Common App essays!

Parents love world-class personal coaching

at an unbeatable price.

ObiCoach essay reviewer really helped us determine what to write about and how to write it.

I love the fact there is a specific time frame to get these key essays done and dusted.

Quick videos, chat-based guidance, along with personal review and feedback from experts makes a great combination.

A Note from ObiCoach CEO Dave

ObiCoach believes that technology can help level the playing field for college application process.

The unfortunate reality is that today’s process favors those who can afford to hire private coaches, especially when it comes to college essays. Personal coaches are normally only available to those who can afford to pay thousands.

Qualified coaches are in extremely high demand. By using video and chat tech, we can give the student great guidance and direction, and much more efficiently use a coach’s time. This means we can personally coach more students, each at a much more affordable price point.

The student gets a better product – the same personal coaching along with more flexibility and convenience.

ObiCoach tech plus personal reviews means you get more for less. Slots are still limited – so sign up today!


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